February 13, 2014 - My San Antonio

"Author and music journalist Joe Nick Patoski was in town Wednesday with a video crew to interview former members of the Sir Douglas Quintet and associates of the late Doug Sahm for an upcoming documentary about the legendary singer." | Read More

December 12, 2013 - Texas Public Radio

"Every now and then history lets someone really important fall through the cracks. At one time San Antonio had a major mover in popular music. Writer and historian Joe Nick Patoski says Doug Sahm is a great example." | Read More

November 18, 2013 - Austin Chronicle

"After Lou Reed’s death, the number of people sharing stories of his friendship or recalling a random meeting with him was astounding. The only time I remember something similar happening was after the passing of Doug Sahm." | Read More

November 14, 2013 - New York Times

"Perhaps because he died in his 50s and wasn’t able to capture the ears of a new generation as Willie Nelson did, Doug Sahm, the Tex-Mex roots-rock music champion from San Antonio, has not gotten the recognition he deserves." | Read More

November 13, 2013 - Austin Culture Map

"pioneer of the Austin music community, Doug Sahm was the master of so many authentically "Texas" sounds — western, Tex-Mex, rock 'n' roll — that live on in the music of the Texas Tornados and the Sir Douglas Quintet." | Read More

November 12, 2013 - KUT

"KUTX’s Jody Denberg hosts, author and historian Joe Nick Patoski and musical guests Marcia Ball, Speedy Sparks and Ernie Durawa for a night of stories and music from the life of Doug Sahm." | Read More